Termites and How To Deal With Them!

If you are being affected by insects that are harmful to your health, your business, or your company… Get down to work and put into practice one of the most effective pest control methods, fumigation.


The propagation of pests is very fast, so at the moment of observing their existence, it is necessary to counteract them since otherwise, they could cause significant damage.

If you want to know what to do before and after fumigation, and that it generates the expected results… We invite you to continue reading the following post!

What to do before fumigation?

Pests are uncomfortable, unhygienic, and even spread diseases of different kinds, thus affecting public health. As the case may be, when carrying out fumigation, an evaluation of the space and the material with which the office area, premises, company, home, and garden, among others, is designed, in order to generate control and follow-up regarding the necessary materials and corresponding to the needs of the client.

Fumigation ranges from termite treatments to rodent control, some even targeting aphids that destroy landscape plants.

To achieve effective fumigation it is necessary to follow the following indications:

·       Previous cleaning of the area

It is advisable to thoroughly clean the area so that the chemical products to be applied to perform their function properly.

·       Material storage

In every office, local, or home there are susceptible materials that must be protected at the time of applying the fumigation process to avoid contamination.

·       Secure food

Store food in refrigerators or cabinets to avoid contact with any material during the disinfection work.

·       Turn off equipment

Especially fans and air conditioning.

·       Separate the furniture

It is advisable to separate them about 30 cm from the wall to carry out the fumigation in all the perimeters.

·       Vacate the premises

The areas must be evacuated to carry out more exhaustive work with a greater field of action. Where in turn all the air accesses must be closed for greater penetration of the products, that is, windows, and doors, among others.

What to do after fumigation?

Once the fumigation process is finished, we recommend following the guidelines below:

·       Close the fumigated area

The fumigated area must remain closed for 2 to 4 hours, taking into account the recommendations of the team of professionals.

·       Open the windows

Ventilate the fumigated area for at least 2 hours before entering.

·       Clean the fumigated area

Once 24 hours have elapsed since the fumigation, you must clean the area. It is very important not to do it before the time recommended by experts.

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The hygiene and health of those who live together, whether in your home or business, are paramount, so it is extremely important to control any type of pest.