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Although PVC windows are used more in almost all of America, they have a much shorter trajectory in America than wood or aluminum ones. However, today they already surpass the former and are the main competitors of the latter.


Among the main advantages of PVC windows we can highlight:

  • Its magnificent insulating and safety properties. PVC windows offer the best thermal and acoustic insulation since plastic is “non-conductive” in nature. And this is reflected in the energy and economic savings for our home.
  • They have a long useful life, up to fifty years.
  • They do not need maintenance. Simply clean them with a wet cloth and soap.

If there has been a large increase in the purchase of PVC windows, it is because the false myths that said that PVC is not ecological have been ended. PVC windows are completely environmentally friendly, their profiles can be recycled to produce new ones and contribute to saving energy.

On the other hand, the rise in electricity costs, the greater ecological awareness, and the new energy efficiency regulations have caused an even greater increase in the sales of PVC windows, since they more than comply with the requirements of current regulations such as the CTE.

Our PVC windows are, without a doubt, a seal of guarantee, quality, safety, and insulation, since they are manufactured and designed to offer the highest performance both at a practical and decorative level, as they are very light and spacious at the level.

It should also be noted that in addition to PVC windows, our aluminum windows are also in high demand, as well as other more peculiar products such as glass curtains, awnings, partitions, solar protection,  composite panel, and street doors.