Benefits of Upgrading Your Extraction Lab Instruments


Changing your instruments while they are still functional may seem like a bad investment, as they can still be put to good use for a while longer. However, there are many advantages that the update of the different equipment brings, among which the following stand out.

Faster Sample Response Time

American Walk-In Coolers offers labs that measure customer satisfaction generally find that the fastest sample turnaround time is an opportunity to improve their reputation and attract new customers. By upgrading your equipment, you will benefit from increased speeds and efficiencies when performing analysis, testing, or sampling. In addition, they will extend the capacity of the instrument to allow more tests to be performed on it each day.

Improved Quality Of Results

New lab equipment undergoes design improvements to obtain greater speed and quality of results. Rapid advancement in technology allows new models to have capabilities that were previously unimaginable, and they represent a huge advantage for laboratories.

Environmental Benefits

Many laboratory equipments generates pollutants that affect the environment, as well as can consume large amounts of electrical energy. If they are updated by models with certifications, such as “the energy star “, they will guarantee that the consumption is better. Also, the filtering components are better and the impact they have on the environment is reduced, especially from chemicals that are potentially dangerous.

Ease Of Use And Better Laboratory Integration

As technology has become increasingly complex and sophisticated, instruments have become easier to use. For example, almost all instruments now have software that runs on a computer that, in addition to optimizing instrument performance, assists in data interpretation and operations by personnel with less equipment training.

Lower Maintenance Costs And Less Downtime

The decrease in reliability of old instruments can only be compensated by more constant maintenance, which generates downtime that delays your projects; in addition, there will come a point where manufacturers will stop supporting older models. Updating them will allow them to have equipment in optimal condition, with lower maintenance costs, and without downtime.

Undoubtedly, updating your lab equipment, whether obsolete or not, will bring you many benefits. If you are looking for C1D1 Labs, Extraction Lab Rooms, and Equipment, you can find extraction lab construction at American Walk In Coolers in the United States Nationwide.