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An aluminum casement window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges, so the joint can be seen from one side. They are usually used alone or in pairs within a common framework, allowing ventilation of the home during the day and the protection of the room during the necessary hours without losing visibility, which constitutes one of the main elements of the House.

One of the most important factors to observe when buying a tilt-and-turn or casement aluminum window is the maximum degree of opening; the best windows are the ones that open perpendicular to the house, thus offering you greater ventilation and light.

We have several models available:

  • Vertical swing casement aluminum windows: the sash opens by turning on a vertical axis (where the hinges are). Also including the possibilities of exterior and interior opening.
  • Horizontal swing folding aluminum windows. The work opens by turning on a horizontal axis, where the hinges are. When it opens to the outside it is usually called a projecting window.
  • Tilt-and-turn or practicable-folding aluminum window: the frame hardware facilitates opening in two different ways, combining the two previous possibilities.
  • Pivoting opening: the leaf rotates around a central axis, usually horizontal.


The aluminum windows tilt windows are two possibilities axis of rotation for opening, one horizontal and one vertical so that from the same rebate or crank may choose to open one way or another with a simple twist. That is to say, that to the traditional opening system that can be turned on the vertical axis, a folding functionality has been added, which allows us to open the window in two ways: upper and lateral, thus being able to choose the type of ventilation.

The fittings installed usually allow the practicable opening on the right or left side indistinctly, depending on the original configuration of the window, providing a total opening of the same without losing firmness or robustness.

Normally located in the interior plane of the walls of the external façades, they allow an opening of almost 180 degrees towards the interior of the house, offering a maximized ventilation of the room. In some cases, this type of aluminum window also offers a second possibility of controlled rotation on the vertical axis, through a system called micro ventilation capable of opening only a few millimeters. There are also some varieties of the tilt-and-turn system to suit various maneuverability and safety needs.

On the horizontal axis, which allows only the upper opening, the maximum opening angle is determined by the characteristics of the installed mechanism and by the dimensions of the window sash itself. This limited opening tilts the window inward in order to ventilate or aerate the enclosed space.

This type of aluminum window has numerous advantages over the practicable ones, and in most cases both openings are compatible.




When we want to enjoy the good weather outside without leaving the sofa, what do we do? Open the window! And if we stop to think about the different types of opening, we would see the immense number of mechanisms that are available

A consumer favorite is the aluminum sliding window; a type of window that does not occupy any type of space towards the outside or towards the inside, thus saving the available space since the sash runs from one side to the other, instead of turning. Thanks to the large glazed surface of the product, visibility and luminosity are optimal.

Our sliding aluminum windows allow the customer to appreciate the outside world with an ideal perspective, and with a silent and very easy to use the system. With the system that our products incorporate, it can be opened comfortably, thanks to the rollers with ball bearings that allow a silent and comfortable opening. Your best choice to have visibility according to the room, without having to endure unbearable squeaks.