I have been building websites for 12 years and amazingly I still have the folder of one of my first websites I built in 2000, how far I have come.

I have taught myself along the way to do basic HTML and CSS and graphic design, I do all our images and headers etc.

Over the years I have created some great websites with good content and images, websites that never rated online even with keyword targeting, correct meta tags and a host of other SEO set ups.

I kept asking myself, why was that, what am I doing wrong?

I had checked out blogs and blogging over the years but most of them were rubbish, so I just kept on building my websites that on-one would see, I got great enjoyment from seeing what I was capable of creating, but most importantly and only over the last 18 months did I realise how much knowledge I had gained..

Welcome to our new business blog. On this website I shall be adding business listings from around the world, we shall begin with United States and Canada, and move onto other places in due course.