How To Choose Your Next Window For Your Home

Choice of frame

By changing the windows of the home, we can not only take advantage of reducing energy consumption with better insulation. Depending on the type of window we choose, we can also improve the brightness and safety of our home.

The first decision to make when we are going to change the windows of the house is the type of frame that we will put. At Gilmar we recommend 3 main materials for window frames due to their characteristics:

Aluminum windows

Aluminum window frames are the most economical, and perhaps the most resistant material to changes in temperature and the passage of time since they do not usually spoil. They stay as good as new even in direct sunlight or wear and tear. For this reason, thinking about aluminum can be the best future investment for your windows.

Aluminum is also a good insulator to keep the heat inside the home, and even to keep the house cooler during the summer with the use of air conditioning.

If you want to include large windows, aluminum is the perfect material to include bars from side to side, and vertically, to improve the insulation and resistance of the glass. In this way, even the heaviest crystals are better supported.

PVC windows

PVC is also an excellent insulating material. It is easy to maintain, although it is somewhat more fragile than other materials.

The great advantage is its low price, and that it can be adapted to practically any design and color that is desired for the home window frame. In the event of breakage or deterioration, being able to replace damaged parts is cheaper when it comes to PVC.

In coastal areas, PVC is the best option to withstand the high salinity of the environment. It better withstands strong wind and holds without altering for longer.

Wooden windows

Wood is a highly recommended natural insulator for the home. It is the material with the highest price of the three that we propose, but it brings a very elegant and natural air to any home.

Including wooden windows in the home is a very attractive option, and if the type of wood is chosen well, it hardly needs maintenance, because they are very resistant to temperatures and inclement weather.

Wood is a material that already provides quality to the home in itself, helping to reduce energy consumption by maintaining much greater insulation in the window.

Choice of glass

In addition to choosing a good window frame, investing in quality glass also helps reduce heat loss in the home. Not all window glass is the same, nor does it insulate in the same way in relation to heat, outside noise, or the safety of the home.

If you are determined to make a good investment in your windows, bet on quality glass with reinforced thermal insulation. They are usually windows with double glazing that improves safety in the home and prevents heat losses.


Why Replace my Window?

The windows are perhaps one of the most important parts of any home, as they help protect you from the elements of the exterior, and at the same time, they also provide natural light to the home, while ensuring that their family is safe inside the home. However, you can imagine that at some point, your windows suffer a bit of wear and tear and that’s when you may need to replace your windows, among others. These are some of the reasons why it may be a good idea to replace your windows soon.

It is very difficult to open or close them: If your windows are difficult to open or close, then obviously you are facing a problem as you should not have any problem opening or closing your windows if they are ok, but on the other hand, if they are difficultly closed, that means that water can easily penetrate while it is raining, so you need to replace your windows immediately.

Blizzards can be felt when windows are closed: This is another problem, if you can still feel little air or water even if your windows are closed then you are surely dealing with a big problem. You need to stop that as quickly as possible, otherwise, you will end up dealing with costly repairs, rather than costs of window replacement s first.

You still hear a lot of noise from outside: When the windows are closed, you shouldn’t hear anything from outside, but if you have problems, you end up hearing everything that happens outside, and that will happen even if you have sound insulation, so try to take that into account.

Replacement Parts Difficult to Find: Repairing a window sounds like a good idea until you see that some replacement parts are really hard to come by, in that case, it is a better idea to go for window replacement as it is more convenient.

Your carpet is starting to fade: This happens when your windows are not good at keeping UV rays out of your home, in that situation it is a much better option to replace your windows quickly, and the return on investment will be tremendous in the end.

Benefits of changing your windows :

  • Reduction of the energy bill, which leads to a very fast amortization.
  • Improvement of the general comfort of the house.
  • Helps to reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to the conservation of the environment.
  • Reduction of the entry of pollutants (such as pollen and mites) into the home, contributing to an improvement in family health.
  • Low cost and simple works. They can also be done in parts, minimizing expense and inconvenience.
  • Improvements in the acoustic behavior of the house are achieved, improving the insulation in an amazing way.
  • Improvements in home security thanks to its reinforced structure.
  • Better lighting.
  • Aesthetic issues.

Are your windows damaged?

So the best way to solve the problem is to replace them, even repairing the windows will end up costing a lot of money so it is much better to replace them. In the end, window replacement is the best option you can have if you want quality and value, with the right window replacement service, you will be able to remove the old windows and install new ones at any time, that is definitely going to make the experience. excellent, and the return on investment will certainly be huge.